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Wolfgang is a smartphone app for live classical music. While the musicians play, Wolfgang tells you what is happening ‐ at that very moment ‐ in the music. Wolfgang lets you appreciate and experience classical music more intensely.

Wolfgang vertelt je over de muziek

How do I use Wolfgang?

Start Wolfgang before the concert begins. Enjoy the music, while Wolfgang tells you (in Dutch) about what you hear. A glance now and then on your smartphone is sufficient. Wolfgang offers you short, well-timed ‘subtitles’. You will have more than enough time to look around and enjoy to the music. Wolfgang has been tested no to distract others.

  • Works with WiFi, 3G or 4G

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Why Wolfgang

Wolfgang is an innovative application of mobile technology in the classical concert hall. It aims to enrich the live classical concert experience by providing the audience with real time explanation and narration. By doing so, Wolfgang can make classical music more approachable and increase audience engagement.

Wolfgang is a showcase how we can apply current technology to innovate the arts experience. It hopes to stimulate the discussion about the classical concert formula and the future of live classical music.


Wolfgang is an initiative of Johan Idema, in close cooperation with Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (Amsterdam) and Dutch design agency Fabrique.

De Doelen, TivoliVredenburg and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra have been involved from an early stage.

Wolfgang has been made possible with the generous support of Stichting DOEN and VSBfonds.